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Admire the Wild South

Circuit :
South Wild + Lava Tunnel or Lava Church

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Cascade Langevin 5A Transports VTC Réunion
8:00 am:  Departure
The driver will pick you up at your hotel or residence. Let's discover the Wild South !

First step: the Grand Galet waterfall (Langevin). It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island, undoubtedly the largest and most emblematic: it's looks like a delightfull postcard!

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5:00 pm: End of the tour: We return calmly to your hotel or residence.
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A little further down, a short hike (optional) at a place named "Trou Noir" waterfall will immerse you in tropical vegetation.
Trou Noir 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Cap Méchant 5A Transports VTC Réunion
11:30 am: We arrive at Cap Méchant
The black rocks of cooled lava flows into the blue ocean. The raging waves hurt the high and very vertical cliffs . At "Cap Méchant", you can feel all the strength of nature through a unique landscape - a must have seen !
12:30 pm: Lunch 
We have lunch at Cap Méchant, in a charming restaurant: enjoy the meal !
Repas Créole 5A Transports VTC Réunion
The supreme adventure is coming with the caving guide who will make you discover the lava tunnels: 2 or 3 hours of underground crossing, extraordinary sensations guaranteed.
Tunnels de lave 5A Transports VTC Réunion
1:30 pm : Lava Road
After lunch, we continue our adventure by visiting the lava road. the magma from large volcanic eruptions came down the slopes and flew into the ocean. There are now rivers of solidified black rocks, retaining the forms and vicissitudes of the past  magma. This site is inscribed in the World Heritage Property.
Route des Laves 5A Transports VTC Réunion
If you do not choose the "lava tunnel" option, we can visit "Anse des Cascades", a picturesque bay decorated with small waterfalls and coconut palms.
Anse des Cascades 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Notre Dame des Laves 5A Transports VTC Réunion
If you do not choose the option "lava tunnel", we continue the road to discover the church "Notre Dame des Laves ", religious building that miraculously survived to a lava flow in 1977.