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Helicopter tour + Salazie cirque + Vanilla plantation

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7:30 am:  Departure
To begin this tour, we propose you  (as an option), the booking of a complete helicopter tour of  45 minutes, with overflight of the three cirques, the "Piton de Neiges" mountain, the volcano and the lagoon. you will see incredible landscapes and unforgettable panoramas !
Hélicoptère Corail Salazie 5A Transports VTC Réunion

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4:30 pm: End of the tour: We return calmly to your hotel or residence.
Then, let's take the car and go to Salazie Cirque, in the East of the island.  You will be amazed by the waterfalls, the green tropical vegetation, the moutains, and of course the charming little Reunion villages!
Cascade Salazie 5A Transports VTC R"union
We will make a stop at Salazie village nestled in the green hills: it gave its name to the cirque. You will appreciate its flowery square as well as its famous church.
Eglise Salazie 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Then, let's contemplate the waterfall of the "Bridal Veil Falls" (Voile de la Mariée). You will be able to discover its legend that inspired this romantic and mysterious name.
Voile de la Mariée Salazie 5A Transports VTC Réunion
11:00 - We arrive at Hell-bourg, a pacefull place classified among the most beautiful villages in France. You can walk in the middle of beautiful and typical houses. This village was once very popular with the upper class of Réunion Island, who appreciated its quality of life and sweetness.
Hell-Bourg 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Two very interesting visits on site: the Folio House (old traditionnal house with its lovely garden) and the Museum of Music and Instruments of the Indian Ocean.
Maison Folio 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Repas Créole 5A Transports VTC Réunion
12:30 pm- Lunch
In Hell-bourg, many local restaurants are present: traditional Creole meal will be proposed to you ! Good tastes and generosity are on the menus.
La Vanilleraie 5A Transports VTC Réuion
2:30 pm- Visit of the vanilla plantation
Bourbon vanilla is considered as one of the best vanilla in the world. This vanilla plantation, at Sainte Suzanne, offers you a guided tour of their plantation. You will be able to appreciate the know-how of passionate professionals as well as the delicate scent of Bourbon vanilla, emblem of reunion island.
Visit of Saint Denis:
Instead of vanilla, we have the possibility to visit Saint Denis.
Discover the "Street of Paris", decorated with its historic villas dating from the colonial period, as well as the "Barachois" and its cannons, emblematic place of Reunion.
Saint Denis Barachois 5A Transports VTC Réunion