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Plaine des Cafres 5A Transports VTC Réunion

Volcano tour with small hike
+ Volcano museum (or Rum museum)

Discover the volcano

7:30 am:  Departure
At 7:30 am, the driver will pick you up at your hotel or residence. Let's start this great day!


On the way, after crossing cities of Saint Pierre and Le Tampon, we will pass the small village of Bourg Murat: the cows rest pleasantly in this very green meadow. We are now gradually entering the domain of the Volcano.
A few moment later, the freshness and the mysterious atmosphere of the volcano forest are already beginning to change our scenery.
Forêt du Volcan 5A Transports VTC Réunion
First wonderfull step: have a break at the "Nez de Bœuf" to admire the splendid panorama of the "Rivière des Remparts" and "Plaine des Cafres".
Rivière des Remparts 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Then, let's continue our route to arrive in the magnificent and famous sand plain, a thousands years volcanic desert : the power of the nature is here.
Plaine des Sables 5A Transports VTC Réunion
We have the chance to walk on a unique floor... is it Earth or Martian landscape ?
Pas des Sables 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Piton de la Fournaise 5A Transports VTC Réunion
10:00 am: Bellecombe
The last place which can be reached by car. Beyond this point, stands the famous kingdom of the volcano "Piton de la Fournaise", culminating at 2632 meters above sea level.
Formica Leo 5A Transports VTC Réunion
At the very bottom is the Formica Leo, an old crater dating from 1753. You can access to it with a small hike (optional) of about 1 hour. The lava of the volcano will be under your feet!
12:00: lunch time
We will make a small stop at the Commerson crater before arriving at the restaurant. An authentic Reunion meal will be proposed to you!
Cratère Commerson 5A Transports VTC Réunion
Cité du Volcan 5A Transports VTC Réunion
14:00 pm: Volcano museum (or Rum museum)
Both informative and fun, the Volcano museum will teach you all the volcanic secrets of the island! Pleasant and informative presentations will catch your curiosity. Don't forget to have a ride in the 4D cinema session!
If you are more interested about tastes than science, we propose you to visit the Rum Museum! Sugar cane and rum production will help you to understand the island and its people. The tour ends with a free tasting of excellent rums!
Saga du Rhum 5A Transports VTC Réunion
4:30 pm: End of the tour: We return calmly to your hotel or residence.