How to travel with my dog in Réunion Island?

voyager avec mon chien

It can be difficult to find a taxi or private driver accepting your pet.

To avoid disappointments, it is better to book transport with a professional who will know how to manage the well-being of your animal!

The regulations allow drivers to refuse travelers with animals, except if they are blind people with their guide dog. In reality, many taxi or private drivers do not want to transport the pets in order to limit their trouble in terms of vehicle cleaning: dogs’ hair are so hard to clean! 😊 What about bus? Animals are not allowed outside the cages, even though on a leash…

However, you have a German Shepherd, a Saint Bernard, a Boxer, a Great Dane, a French Spaniel, or simply an adorable street dog, and you sometimes need to travel with him. How to do? Which solutions are available to you?

First of all, you need to clearly define some criteria.

Provide your pet an adapted and secure transport.

Call on a professional, a trained and seasoned driver who will know how to take you and your beloved animal to their destination in complete safety and comfort!

5A Transports love animals, and that’s why we make every effort to transport them in the best conditions!