I don't like driving at night in Réunion

Glare, fatigue, reduced perception: one out of two motorists declares that they have difficulty driving at night. But what are the real factors that come into play? Can this be remedied or is it better to avoid driving at night?

Nocturnal Amaxophobia: This is the scientific name given to the fear of driving at night. But this complicated word hides a very simple reality that all of us have already felt: driving at night requires more concentration and more attention. The rapid increase in fatigue is evident and becomes more and more pressing.

conduire la nuit

A justified fear: 44% of fatal accidents take place between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Every year, 30% of road accidents are caused by falling asleep.

When driving, the night is indeed conducive to many difficulties:

– Bad perception of his environment
– Fear of other vehicles
– Glare from other vehicles
– Unreadable floor markings
– Fatigue and risk of drowsiness
– Difficulty apprehending speed
– Incorrect estimation of distances

Which solutions?

Night driving is more difficult, but there are solutions to limit the risks. Here is a list of smart actions you should take today:

– Have your vision checked by a specialist
– Adapt your speed in order to have time to react in case of unforeseen events
– Properly clean your lights, windshields and mirrors
– Anticipate obstacles and warn others with your turn signals
– Respect the safety distances
– Ventilate the passenger compartment of your car regularly
– Stay hydrated with water

Most important: If you are not ok, don’t drive at night.

Just call on a professional transport company, a trained and seasoned driver who will be able to take you to your destination in complete safety.

5A Transports, in a comfortable vehicle with a serious and trained driver, can manage your night trips in complete safety throughout Reunion Island.